the Yoga Bum

‘Only’ is a beguiling word. When someone tells you something is “…only nine kilometres away.” a little voice inside your head goes ‘That doesn’t sound that far.’ And it doesn’t, especially when you’re used to dealing in miles, and you know kilometres always sound like more than they actually are. And when that person seems supremely confident that you could easily cycle there and back in a day, your little voice pipes up once more with ‘What the hell, I’ll give it a go!’

That was how I found myself huffing and puffing down a baked West Australian highway on a bike that had seen better days (and was in dire need of some WD40!) on my way to the Jewel Cave.

my new chariot

Jewel Cave is one of several open to the public in Margaret River, and according to those in the know (ie: my brother and a few random strangers)…

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