the Yoga Bum

Believe it or not, since I started doing yoga in November 2010, I’ve never done any other type of yoga but Sivananda yoga. I mean I had a go at something at the Yoga Show in London, where I met the Sivananda lot, but since then I’ve been a Sivananda boy through and through. And let’s be honest, when you’ve found something that works, why would you try something else?

But, since there is no Sivananda yoga in Australia (yet – and even that statement that needs more qualification than you know), I’m going to have to have a go at other things. That’s why, while I was in Dunsborough, I thought I’d head over to Samudra and have a go at one of their yoga classes.

samudra, dunsborough

Samudra was interesting for me, because it not only is it a yoga studio, but a restaurant as well, very much the sort…

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