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The Indian Pacific is a train that runs between Perth and Sydney, via Adelaide, across the Nullabor Plain. It takes 4 days/3 nights to go all the way, and just 3 and 2 to go as far as Adelaide (from Perth).

the indian pacific

To be honest I’d never heard of the Indian Pacific until my brother told me about it. A quick, cursory check of ticket prices didn’t fill me with much enthusiasm. The most basic ticket cost about $850 for a day/nighter seat (like an airplane seat that reclines a bit further), with the top end sleeper tickets (which included a lounge car and free food) running into the thousands.

one big train

But only a fool pays full price for a ticket in this day and age, and a quick cursory search found a standby ticket for just $256. Much more manageable. However, I didn’t stop there! Delving a bit further I…

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