the Yoga Bum

There’s these signs all over the Youth Hostel here: “So-and-so’s Week in (R)Adelaide!” – “Livin’ It Up In (R)Adelaide.” – “Thingy’s Week In The Liade Of Rad.” All designed to make you think Adelaide is the hip, happening place to be in South Australia. It isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, Adelaide’s nice, quite pleasant in fact, but that’s about it. Like Perth, it doesn’t leave much of an impression.

I didn’t plan on staying here as long as I have. I was meant to head down to Melbourne the day after I arrived. But the yoga centre I was heading down there to help set up hit a few legal snags, so I delayed my arrival by a few days, then by a week, and as it stands right now I’m not sure what’s happening. But anyway, I had a week to fill in Adelaide, including my 39th birthday, so…

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