Sydney To Cairns By Camper – days 7-9

the Yoga Bum

day 7

Do you remember I said “…we still had several thousand kilometres to go, and just ten days to do it in (at the time).” Well, today was the day we woke up and realised that driving 1877km in 6.5 days (288km a day, or 3.15 hours driving, for those of you trying to do the math) was not going to be a lot of fun, especially if we wanted to stop for a day here and there to enjoy the view. So we called up the rental company and extended our rental by another four days. It wasn’t much, but it did give us a little breathing space; enough to stop and smell the roses at any rate.

We’d already planned on spending the day in Byron Bay anyway, and with views like this can you blame us?

awesome byron skies

We also had a yoga class to go to…

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