Sydney To Cairns By Camper – days 16-18

the Yoga Bum

day 16

After all the hoofing about our time at Airlie Beach was ear-marked for a bit of proper chillin’. And this was the place to do it. With beautiful views,

it's good to be the king

a swimming lagoon (because, as we found out, it was stinger season and you couldn’t go in the sea for fear of a possibly fatal jellyfish encounter),

Airlie Beach Lagoon

and nothing to do but hang out and eat good food (from somewhere that had an awful lot of meat on it’s menu for somewhere calling itself Buddha Burger)

Happy Buddha

things were looking good. Mostly…

Our first night (previous we got to just hang out, but today we had shopping and internetty stuff to do. Thankfully everything is a short walk in Airlie Beach, so we got most of it out the way easily enough. I even managed to get a haircut.

What time that wasn’t spent in ‘life maintenance’ was spent at…

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