Camper Headstands

the Yoga Bum

Well, as promised, here’s the twelve headstands I managed to do while on the eighteen day camper trip. That’s one headstand every one and a half days. Not bad going eh? 🙂

34. Jenolan Caves Headstand

34. jenolan caves headstand

35. Three Sisters Headstand

35. three sisters headstand

36. Byron Bay Headstand

36. byron bay headstand

37. Most Easterly Headstand

37. most easterly headstand

38. Nimbin Rocks Headstand

38. nimbin rocks headstand

39. Point Danger Headstand

39. point danger headstand

40. Surfers Paradise Headstand

40. surfers paradise headstand

41. Australia Zoo Headstand

41. australia zoo headstand

42. Glass House Mountains Headstand

42. glass house mountains headstand

43. Whitsunday Islands Headstand

43. whitsunday islands headstand

44. Big Mango Headstand

44. big mango headstand

45. Josephine Falls Headstand

45. josephine falls headstand

So what do you think? There’s some good ones there huh? My personal favourite is the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo headstand. It’s almost exactly what I wanted (I was on the lookout for a cardboard cut-out of Steve going “Crikey!!!”). But I also like the Nimbin Rocks headstand, just because it was so hard to do balancing on that post and yet it came out so nice. What about…

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