A Day In The Life Of A Coconut

the Yoga Bum

With the edge of a hurricane tickling the north Queensland coast you would think it’d be the wrong time to go for a stroll.

a stormy beach

But stroll we did, and lovely it was too.

beach strollin'

We even found time for a bit of lounging about.


The wind was whipping up the trees, but with the heat it was actually a blessed relief.

wind in the trees

And it provided an unexpected bonus too in the shape of a bit of windfall.


With a bit of effort, and a handily placed stump,

the nutcracker

we managed to free the nut within. But then, what to do with it?


To begin with of course there’s the water.

decanting the juice

But that tasted nasty, so we moved swiftly on to the flesh within. That proved easier to get to,

just bash it against a rock!

and what we found inside maybe provided us with the explanation for the funny water.

an unexpected discovery

Still, the flesh itself was pretty good,

fresh coconut

but with…

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