Celebrating Fifty Headstands!

the Yoga Bum

Well, I had no idea how far I would take it when I began, but I’ve now taken over fifty Landmark Inversions (headstand shots).

To celebrate the first fifty, especially number fifty which is a bit special, I’ve made the following slideshow for you to enjoy. 🙂

*** Unfortunately, it seems WordPress does not support Slide.ly embeds for some reason, so you’ll have to click this link, go watch the slideshow, then come back ***

(NB: if you watch it large there’s a chance the timing will go wacky and the music run out – it does on my netbook anyway – so best try it small to begin with I reckon)

How good was that! ..lol..

I hope you had fun watching my first fifty headstands, and keep an eye out for the next fifty, which will be popping up periodically here on the Yoga Bum. 😉

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