Sivananda Strikes Again!

the Yoga Bum

Another day; another Sivanada centre, lol.

After Waitomo, Lena and I headed down to New Plymouth on the south west corner of the north island of New Zealand. We were there for two reasons; one, it’s on the way to Wellington, where we had to get the ferry to the south island; and two, there’s a Sivanada affiliated yoga centre there (the only one in New Zealand, I think).

sivananda yoga new plymouth

The centre was a ‘short’ walk from our hostel (which was good as our hostel was a long walk from everything else, including the city centre) so we actually managed to get there early for once, giving us time to chat a bit with the people who ran the place.

Our class was run by Claire, a graduate of the TTC course in Australia in February (just four months earlier), and also a former karma yogi at the Melbourne centre

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