Impressions Of New Zealand, pt 2

the Yoga Bum

I’ve already covered the major things I did on the south island, but here’s a few shots of the minor things I did too (with one fairly major thing towards the end).

After Kaikoura we headed off back up to Nelson for a few days. As well as doing some yoga we also climbed to the geographical centre of New Zealand,

on the centre of new zealand

where I got to do my first headstand picture since Hobbiton;

headstand prep

51. centre of new zealand headstand

assisted as always by my able photographer girlfriend. 😀

gimme my camera

You get some great views from up there.

a beautiful day

Nelson is in a lovely location. No wonder so many hippies choose to live there.

the green grocer

You’re always planning when you’re traveling, trying to arrange things so that you can do everything you want to do for as little as possible. That takes time and effort; and a little nest to work in.

planning nest

From Nelson we had a long drive down to…

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