“We Can Get You An Ambulance…”

the Yoga Bum

“Ambulance!” I gasped. I didn’t even let him go through the options. I didn’t need any more.

“Ambulance?” he repeated, just to be sure. I nodded, while at the same time grasping the edge of the table to stop from falling over in pain.

“Yes,” I croaked, “Ambulance.”

From then on it was just a matter of gathering my things and then sitting, gasping in pain, as I waited for the train to stop moving and the ambulance to arrive.

It wasn’t how I had expected my day to begin…

I was on The Ghan, one of Australia’s great train journeys, on my way down from Darwin via Alice Springs to Adelaide. It’s a three day trip, and we’d just spent our second night trying to sleep in the incredibly uncomfortable cheap seats. In fact that’s what I thought was up when I awoke that morning. I thought I’d…

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