The Red Centre Tour

the Yoga Bum

I just had a look, and it’s been over a month since I did a proper blog update! That, I must say, surprised me.

My apologies for not doing more sooner, and my apologies for leaving you with such an alarming last post for so long. As an update let me assure you that there have been no recurrences of the kidney stone incident (thank goodness), though there was one other trip to the hospital that week for a suspected appendicitis (I kid you not) that thankfully turned out to be nothing – just inflamed lymph nodes in my digestive system near the appendix that closely mimicked the symptoms of an appendicitis. I’m telling you, there’s just far too much going on in my abdomen for my liking at the moment!

As I said though, all is fine for now. I’m currently at my brother’s place near Perth just taking…

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