Bang Goes The Yogi

Hi Folks, I’m back! 🙂

After all my gallivanting around the world I’m back in the UK now for a while. And what does that mean for my faithful Brand New Life followers? Why more of the best the internet has to offer, that’s what!

Whilst traveling, I bought myself a smart phone, and like everyone does, I’ve been downloading all kinds of random, useless apps ever since. But this is one app that quickly made it’s way into my top ten.

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory (and if you’re not, you should be!) you’ll love this TBBT Sound Quote App. Audio quotes of all your favourite characters, and many of the more obscure ones, which you can have a good laugh at and even install onto your phone as ringtones or message alerts (some of them anyway). Honestly, it keeps me amused, and that’s saying something with my gnat-like attention spa… Ooh look! Wrestling!

For anyone who hasn’t got a clue what I’m on about, here’s a few clips of my favourite character, Sheldon, doing what he does best; be Sheldon! 😉

NB: If you haven’t seen the classic comedy Spaced either, the episode I’ve linked to in the text above is, in my humble opinion, the best one they ever did.

“Are you ready Mike?”

“I was born ready Timmy!”

“Yeah, but are you ready now?”

“Umm, yeah.”

Brilliant! 😉

Money, Keys, Wallet, Travelcard

the Yoga Bum

That was my personal mantra as I left the house for nearly fifteen years;

“Money, keys, wallet, travelcard.”

I can even tell you which pocket they all went in.

I’m flashing back to that now as I’m once more back in London. Actually, I’m kind of back back in London, as I got here a month ago, was here for two weeks, then went to Germany for two weeks to see my girlfriend.

But now I’m back in England for a while now, so I thought it was time for a bit of an update.

coming home 1

After Bali I did a week in Singapore. There’ll be a blog post about that, as there will be one about vegan food in Ubud, but since I expect the next few weeks to be relatively quiet, I’ll be doing them retrospectively to keep things interesting.

From Singapore I flew back to London when I…

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