Money, Keys, Wallet, Travelcard

the Yoga Bum

That was my personal mantra as I left the house for nearly fifteen years;

“Money, keys, wallet, travelcard.”

I can even tell you which pocket they all went in.

I’m flashing back to that now as I’m once more back in London. Actually, I’m kind of back back in London, as I got here a month ago, was here for two weeks, then went to Germany for two weeks to see my girlfriend.

But now I’m back in England for a while now, so I thought it was time for a bit of an update.

coming home 1

After Bali I did a week in Singapore. There’ll be a blog post about that, as there will be one about vegan food in Ubud, but since I expect the next few weeks to be relatively quiet, I’ll be doing them retrospectively to keep things interesting.

From Singapore I flew back to London when I…

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