Vegan Ubud

the Yoga Bum

I’m currently bombing around the south of England, staying in hostels, and doing the odd bit of TV work here and there, so there’s not much interesting to report at the moment (but maybe soon…!).

So anyway, it’s time for a little bit of retro blogging. And as the nights draw in, and the air turns cold, what better thing to contemplate than good, tasty food in warmer, sunnier climes?

grub's up!

I really didn’t expect Bali to be a haven for vegan food, but to my delight I was more than pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it was the fact that I was in Ubud, the more hippy part of the island, but when it came to vegan places to eat (and vegan options) I was spoilt for choice!

I won’t go into the many pizza places and curry houses that could and would easily, and happily, make minor adjustments to their vegetarian…

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