On Making Assumptions

the Yoga Bum

Many moons ago I didn’t live in Wimbledon. I couldn’t afford it. But I used to get the tube to Southfields, which is on the way to Wimbledon, so I could kid myself I was going up in the world even though, after a ten minute walk, I was a lot nearer Wandsworth town centre than anything else.

My point is, though it felt a bit posh on the way home, you could just as easily see three blokes trying to nick someone bicycle as you could a family on their way to the school fayre (and indeed, I actually did once).

One day, waiting to cross the road, a bus pulled up in front of me. It was mostly empty, save for a young lad of about twelve or thirteen on the back seat. He had a sullen look and a shaven head, and I don’t think it unfair…

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