A Great Talk About Avoision

Avoision : (verb) Doing one thing when you should be doing something else.

This is a great talk about procrastination (what I call avoision).

I procrastinate all the time. It’s just so easy! But at least now I know why I procrastinate on some things yet still get them done, and why other things make it from one To Do list to another in perpetuity.

Sounds like I need more deadlines.

Or I could watch more episode of Scam School on youTube


3 thoughts on “A Great Talk About Avoision

  1. Unless there is an imminent deadline I never worry about procrastination. I get loads of useful stuff out of the way when I am procrastinating and my subconscious often seems to have its reasons for me dragging my feet. Gives me more ponder time.

    • Yeah, time to think can help, but for me it’s a fine line between ‘thinking time’ and ‘never gonna do it’ time. I work best with deadlines and restrictions, but I hate them at the same time, lol. It’s infuriating. 😛

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