Make Changes. Make Choices.

the Yoga Bum

This post was going to be about preparedness. I was going to talk about the five day yoga retreat I’ve just been on, and how not going to the osteopath before I went really hindered my ability to do all the asanas and meditation. Also I was going to mention the many ‘hikers’ in t-shirts, shorts, and trainers I saw slogging their way up to the very cold and very windy top of Snowdon afterwards. In fact the post was going to be called “I’ve got sun cream and a penguin!”, something I heard one of them say as I passed their group on my way down. I thought it kind of summed it all up really, the idea of the lack of preparation, and how we don’t do ourselves any favours sometimes.

But then I had something of a personal revelation, so I thought I’d go into that instead…

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One thought on “Make Changes. Make Choices.

  1. I can’t find an email but wanted to say how funny life is sometimes. I google’d ‘vegetable dopiaza recipe’ and your blog came up (good keyword searches there!). Anyway it is amusing as in the last year I have really tried to change so much in my life; I went veggie and now try to be vegan as much as possible, I am officially a Buddhist and practice daily (Triratna), I do yoga, go on retreats, wrote my first screen play script, don’t watch unnecessary tv and am changing my career. All from a girl who ate too much, worked too much, had too much stress, too much materialism and too much booze! So from looking up a curry recipe it is so nice to find someone else on a similar path where who knows what is at the end but the adventure is fun, exciting, a bit scary but positive after all. Big round of applause to t’internet for that!

    Good luck to you and I will do my best to read some of your articles from the last 7 years!

    Katie in Bristol 🙂

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