Do Unto Yourself

the Yoga Bum

I realised something the other day; I put up with far more abuse from myself than I ever would from someone else. And it’s the sort of abuse I would never dole out to another person, no matter how much I thought they deserved it.

It’s interesting to think that the closer we are to someone the more abuse we will put up with from them. As far as I can ascertain the list goes like this:

1. Complete Strangers – No right to criticise us whatsoever

2. People we meet because of something we do (Work Collegaues/Fellow Students/Gym Friends) – Can be mildly critical, but not abusive.

3. Friends – Can be critical in detail and somewhat abusive “for our own good”. Are allowed to tell us “what we need to hear”. They keep their language just this side of legal unless they deem it necessary to get their…

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