New Video Triptych

Thursday night I managed to wangle some free tickets to a filming of this thing I used to go to at the South Bank called BUG.

It’s where I first came across Fever Ray and MGMT, to name but two. A night of new music videos and comedy hosted by the incorrigible Adam Buxton, who provides commentary and entertainment in the form of his patented youTube comment clips.

If you have time I recommend checking them out, but not until you’ve seen a selection of some of the best stuff that will be in the first two episodes to be show on Sky Atlantic later this year (I guess. I don’t really know to be honest :P).
This first one is great. Animated special effects over kids playing with guns. Just how it was in our heads when we were young!

This one shows Rio at it’s best, during carnival, but through the lens of tiltshift pioneer Keith Loutit. An excellent video that must have taken ages to shoot.

And finally something from someone I’d never heard of but who is already in my Amazon shopping cart; Grimes. This video was shot guerilla style and I just like how it’s done; not to mention it’s a catchy tune.

Hope you liked this wee selection. Check out the series when it comes on, you won’t be disappointed. I promise you’ll have a right laugh watching it (coz it was a right laugh filming it ;)).