Films You Have To See!

I love film, and I know quite a bit about it too, so I thought I’d share some of that with you here.

There’s no set criteria. Each movie has something special about it, which I may or may not go into in the reviews below, but each one is most definitely worth the watch, that I can guarantee!!

All comments/criticisms are greatly received, as are any movie suggestions of your own, though, to be honest, chances are I’ve seen it already. 😉

You can also find more of my mini movie reviews, both good and bad, here

Films You Have To See

(in alphabetical order, because you can’t compare one to t’other)

12 Angry Men


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Dirty Dancing/Roadhouse

District 13

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Flash Gordon/Highlander

Imagine Me and You



Out Of Sight

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Stranger Than Fiction

Zack And Miri Make A Porno

5 thoughts on “Films You Have To See!

    • “my name is Russell Ira Crowe (yup, that’s his real middle name) and I am totally up myself” (I’m also rubbish at accents and can’t admit it).

      Hey, Dirty Dancing’s good man. You should give it another go. Nobody puts Swayze in the corner. 😉

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