Report 11 – Bad backs and blog envy

It’s been a difficult week in the Brand New Life this week. I did my back in last Sunday (Lord only knows how, I was just sat at my desk working) and so spent most of it lying down resting. It’s a bit better now though still a little tender. Hopefully by next weekend I’ll be back on form again.

Unfortunately the enforced period of stillness gave me plenty of time to think, and I was a little unimpressed with myself. I’ve been checking out other blogs, and there are people out there doing far more interesting stuff than me and making it look a hell of a lot nicer. I’m thinking of and to be precise; two people doing, a: far more interesting things, and b: much better presented vegan cooking, than I am. Now I know there’s no point comparing yourself, but I also now know why I’m getting only a couple of hits a day (and often zero) and why the majority of my comment traffic are spam (seriously, they’re starting to get on my tits now).

So I need to get my thinking cap on and decide where I want to go with this. I may introduce a more random element into the New Things part, like making a list of more outlandish feats and drawing one form a hat each week; and I’m tempted to do one really good recipe a week instead of two kind of okay. I dunno, I just need to think of something. I’d ask for suggestions but no one’s listening (begging the question: What the f*ck are you doing this for?).


Recipes Done:

I’ve got a Spicy Potato Wedges recipes I’m working on, and a one for Simple Salsa, but they both need a bit more work (testing is a little… erratic, to say the least). Hopefully they’ll be up tomorrow, time permitting.

New Thing Done:

Apart from have a bad back, I went booze free for a week. Finally, after trying to do it way back when I started this blog, I managed to do it. It’s only a lousy seven days, but it was a challenge for me, especially the last 2-3 days or so. I just really fancied a pint. Well, it just goes to show how reliant I am on drink doesn’t it. Need to nip that one in the bud if I’m ever to gain spiritual Enlightenment (no pun intended… or achieved no doubt). It’s contrary to the practice of mindfulness.

Writing Done:

Only wrote about 2 or 3 pages this week, as I couldn’t sit and type for too long with my back, but still I managed to do something. Oddly enough it’s a scene I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut eventually, for time or just coz it’s unnecessary, but I felt like it needed to be out there (kind of like it wanted to have it’s say). I mean I like it, it’s pithy and the dialogue puts a smile on my face, but I’ve got this nagging feeling that it’ll have to go before the script is done, and my nagging feelings are rarely wrong when it comes to stuff like this.

Right, that’s it for now. Feel free to comment so that I know someone out there gives a damn. Audience participation is always welcome.