Two Incidents – Equal, And Opposite

Got home from work last night, ditched my bits (including my mobile), and went straight out to the chippy for some supper. It had been a long day of telly watching and I just needed some fresh air. I got my portion of chips, some curry sauce, and I headed straight for the park where I lay out in the sun eating my food and enjoying the unexpected dose of vitamin D. It was so nice to just sit and do nothing for a while, to take a break from everything going through my brain, and just be; if only for a moment or two.

On the way to work this morning I obliterated a pigeon! I didn’t do it on purpose. It landed in the middle lane of the motorway, tried to get out of the way of the car coming towards it, and promptly flew into the path of my car. I saw a flash of grey, heard a THUNK, and looked in my rear view mirror to see an ever expanding cloud of feathers appearing in my wake. Got to work to find some very unsavoury bits of bird spread around my left rear wheel well. Now I have to go to the car wash.

One day you’re basking in the sun, and the next day you’re a pigeon murderer. Life does have it’s ups and downs, does it not?

A Lot Can Happen In 7 Days

Ok, let’s see what’s been happening this week?

Well, I was on retreat last weekend. My annual Tai Chi weekend at Braziers Park. All went by fairly quickly and quietly (for me, anyway), and I’m happy to say they made a real effort with the food this year.

vegan only!

When I got back I put my car in for repair. Took them 3 days (I had to get the train in to work Friday which sucked ass) and cost me £400, but they did a good job and I was quite pleased. I say was coz the rear bumper is scratched again already! What the hell, man? 😦

Also had some life coaching this week. It was… interesting. Not gonna go into too much detail on that as it was for my benefit only, and if I’m honest I wouldn’t know how to define it anyway. Suffice it to say it gave me a few things to think about, and it was as helpful in ruling out what I don’t want to do as it was in helping me decide what I do.

Thursday, one of my pics got ‘explored’ on Flickr.

'fromance *explored*

It garnered me loads of views, 18 favourites, and even a few new followers. Pretty satisying considering the day before I took it my views, comments, and favourites for that day were a big fat zero! And I only went out with my camera because I was bored and had been stuck in the house all day. Just goes to show, eh?

Other than all that I’ve just been online, monkeying around. Came across some choice stuff on Found Magazine including this dude, the A1 prom magnet of all time!

Prom Magnet

And I’ve been listening to what I affectionately refer to as ‘hillbilly radio’ from WMMT 88.7 in the Appalachian Mountains in America. It gives me a chuckle to hear traffic reports from some small town I’ve never heard of. It’s a whole other world. And my favourite quote so far?

“When you’re fat your chances ain’t too good. But when you’re fat and ugly you’re in trouble.”

Now ain’t that the truth! 😉

No developments on the big trip front yet. Hope to make some inroads this week. Going to have to call Canada, as they obviously aren’t going to respond to my e-mail. Then once I get paid I can start booking flights.

Also, hand my notice in at work in a week’s time. Can’t wait to do that. I’ve had it up to here (holds hand way above his head) with watching TV for a living!

“How About A Nice Game Of Chess?”

First of all, I just watched WARGAMES for the first time in ages and I have to say, if you haven’t seen it recently, do! It’s still brilliant.

Beautifully written, good characters, simple storyline, great effects (for the 80s), and not an ounce of fat on it (production wise that is). Still a favourite of mine after all these years, and a quintessential lesson in how to write a screenplay.

(WARNING: only watch the clip below if you’ve seen the film or if you’re sure you’re not going to watch it again any time soon – it kind of gives the game away!)

I found the ‘what’s your next move’ motif very fitting when considering my life at the moment.

I’m somewhat stuck. I’ve made a few inroads towards where I want to be, but I’m now waiting for other people to get back to me, or simply for time to move forward, so there’s nothing I can do to advance my situation except wait.

The I-Ching tells us that a wise man knows when to move forward, when to retreat, and when to stand still; but knowing it and doing it are two different things, and right now I’m finding it a little frustrating.

It doesn’t help that some asshole side-swiped the back end of my car the other day whilst it was parked outside my house, denting the wing and smashing the tail light. It’s cost me £54 to get a new light (which won’t be here for 5 days because of the jubilee) and then there’s the wing to repair. God knows what that will cost me? I am not amused! So, as you can imagine, very keen to move out of London at the moment.

list - done!

Now that I know what I want to do, I’ve realised there’s two things I want to achieve before I go away; finish writing my book and build a vegan food blog (and I’ve got just 3 months to do them in). Now I did intend to do both at the same time, but I think concentrating on one (the book) is best until it’s done, then I can do the other.

After all, I can do the blog when I get back fairly easily, it’s just mechanics. But the book needs thought and creativity, and after several months abroad I might not have the focus it requires to get it done. Besides, I want to be able to re-write while I’m away, and I can’t do that unless I’ve written. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time off to write. it’s all work at the moment, be it housework or work work.

So that’s where I am at the moment, stuck in limbo (kind of) unable to move in any direction. But like all things, this too shall pass. Then you watch, pretty soon I’ll be complaining that it’s all going too fast, that I need to put on the brakes, slow things down, make some space so that I can get everything done, lol. Daft I know, but you know I’m right! 😉

As they say; be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. 😆

Getting The Ball Rolling

So, yesterday was a busy day. 🙂

I sent off an application for the yoga TTC (teacher training course) in Austria in September, and I e-mailed the Sivananda Ashram in Canada about going there as staff for 2-3 months after the TTC. No word back from either of them yet, but at least I got the ball rolling.

a world of stress

Couldn’t have done it a couple of weeks ago. My head was full of ‘not quite what I want to do’ thoughts. I’d let too many people stick their well meaning oars in, and ended up with this ‘plan’ that wasn’t what I really wanted to do.

But then I realised it’s like when I bought my car. I knew which one I wanted, but I allowed myself to get confused with thoughts of cost and insurance and fuel efficiency. It was only when I decided to ignore all that crap and just get the car I wanted that I was able to move forward.

kiki's new car

And I’m so glad I did in the end. Ok, so the car I bought has cost me loads in repairs, doesn’t get the best milage per gallon, and costs me quite a few quid in insurance coz it’s a 2 litre, but I love it! And driving it makes me smile; so no matter the cost it’s an absolute winner!

Same with my plans. I can do what other people suggest, but if it’s not what I want to do I’ll just be faintly dissatisfied all the time, and that’s no use is it? As it says in the Bhagavad Gita (apparently; and I’m paraphrasing massively here also) ‘Better to live you own life and make mistakes than live someone else’s life well.’

So now I’m just waiting to hear back. But it’s nice to have tossed a few balls out there, and be waiting for them to return. And it’s like with the art project I started recently, throw your intention out into the world and if it’s got legs it’ll run. And if not, maybe you should be doing something else. But ultimately, there’s only one way to find out isn’t there!

so, fingers crossed eh? 😉

Ups & Downs

Well, it’s been a roller coaster start to the year, a week of ups and downs. In no discernable order…

1. Picked up Bebel Gilberto’s 2nd album in the library for only £1. A real bargain! I’m well chuffed.

2. I discovered that Robert Rankin writes drivel. I got about a third of the way through The Da-Da-De-Da-Da Code and gave up; it was shit!

hairy - before & after

3. Finally had time to get me a new haircut. I needed it! I was getting right wooly.

4. Got a flat tyre on my car, had to get the train to work for 2 days, then had to fork out loads to get it fixed. What a pain.

chocolate swiss roll no. 1

5. Set my mind to making a good vegan swiss roll. The sponge tends to crack as it has no egg in it. The results so far are quite… average.

So y’see, there it is, up down up down trundle along the middle. Just an average week in the life of me. Next week tree planting, ice skating, and a possible trip to Portsmouth. Let’s see how that goes eh? 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dramas not withstanding, this could be my last post of the year, so I wanted to take the chance to wish you all a very merry christmas.

snowy globes

Just got back from visiting my family for an early christmas (I’m working 24th to 26th again this year :(). Took the train as I bought my new car a bit too late to drive up, and I already had the train tickets. Probably a wise move considering the amount of snow we’re getting at the moment. Anyone who says we’re not experiencing climate change I offer you exhibit A: the weather outside.

Mum made some lovely date cake using the egg replacer I’d left there last year, and I knocked up a nut roast on Sunday which mum and dad both had a go at, so there was plenty to eat. I also got to have a few fry-ups as well as a chick pea stew thing that mum and I concocted.

Came back first class again, but properly this time, not like last year where it was a weekend upgrade. This time I got free tea, a free hot meal, and a peaceful carriage with a big comfy chair. It was bliss. I tell you, I don’t want to get all elitist, but first class is the way to go.

Looking forward to 2011: A new year, and a new beginning. A new way of making money is definitely called for, and to facilitate that I’ll probably need a new place to live for a while too (somewhere cheaper, probably outside of London). I know what I want in my life, and what I need to move away from. And someone to share it all with would be lovely too, but that kind of thing seems to happen when you’re not looking, so what can you do? 😉

Expect big things from me next year, I know I do! ‘Til then, have a marvelous christmas and a fantastic new year.

Cheers y’awl! 🙂

Merry Christmas Mr Kiki

Look what I got myself for Christmas!

kiki's new car

Cool or what? I’ve been after one of these for ages. I know it’s not the car for everyone, but I think it looks great. Kept grinning as I drove it home (it was an 8 hour 300 mile round trip mission to Derby to pick it up!) and singing the ‘New Car Song’, which goes a little something like this…

I got a ne-e-e-ew car, it is a Chry-y-y-ysler, na na na nu-u-u-uh nuh.
I got a ne-e-e-ew car, it is a Chry-y-y-ysler, na na na nu-u-u-uh nuh. (repeat)

It’s not the most fuel efficient vehicle in the world, and it’s got the turning circle of a drunk heifer, but I don’t care I think it’s great. And we are going to have so many adventures together. Now I just need to think of a name for it. Any suggestions?

NB: Spot the in-car koala on the dash? She’s my new traveling buddy.
kellie and priscilla
Great company, but rubbish with maps. Got us a little lost on the way back. Still, what can you expect from a psychedelic koala bear? Not the most reliable of creatures.