“…what I wrote I wrote on purpose.”

There’s an excellent website called Letters Of Note. They reproduce, as you might expect, letters people have written (Where will such websites get their material in the future, in this age of e-mail and text, I wonder?) that are special, or significant, or just plain fascinating in one way or another. Trust me, go there and you’ll be there all day.

I was just reading a letter written by the ad executive David Ogilvy to someone seeking advice on the art of copywriting, and one sentence really stood out for me. It sums up, I think, how all writers must feel when presented with well meaning advice, expert opinion, or (more often than not) ignorant utterances from those who see only their own world in your writing without first trying to see yours. It was this:

“If the client changes the copy, I get angry — because I took a lot of trouble writing it, and what I wrote I wrote on purpose.”

If people could only remember the unseen effort people put into the things they do then who knows, perhaps they would not make their little ‘helpful suggestions’ so lightly? Now wouldn’t that be nice.

Week 27: In which our hero really loses track of time

I had this really cool start to this entry all worked out. It went like this:

52 x 7 = 364.
Half of 52 is 26.
Week 26 = Half of 2010.

Then I was going to do a summation of where I was at the half way point of 2010. Only thing is, half way was last week! I totally missed it!!!

As I said then, I’m having a bit of trouble keeping track of time at the moment, but losing an entire week! Man, that’s bad.

Still, no reason I can’t do the summation now. A week late, but still relevant. So, done one or two new things so far this year – had a go in a floatation tank, saw my first musical as well as a few other shows, got into tiltshifting, I gave up booze, did a few other experiments in going without, was featured in Ask A Vegan, had lots of fun with new tunes, and won the lotto – but not an amazing amount considering how much time I’ve had.

Still, it’s all good practice, and you can’t moon over what has gone before. Onwards and upwards my valiant friends. Hence forth, I shall re-double my efforts to do new things. I shall do more cooking (34 recipes produced so far), I shall do more writing (some progress made on a number of ideas but not enough really), and I shall endeavour to remember why I started this thing in the first place (a house, a family, an interesting job, and a dog).

So, the plan is, one proper new thing a week, at least one new recipe each week, a movie recommendation each week, and hopefully some writing or something each week. Could be a bit of a tall order, but if I plan it properly I reckon I can do it. I’ve had my ‘holiday’ as it were, these last few weeks doing not much but reading and lazing about, so now it’s time to go to work.