Diane Cluck & Alessi’s Ark (& drums!)

Just got back from the Diane Cluck gig. It was ok. She had this drummer with her who wasn’t bad, but who over egged the custard every now and then. And the bloke who came on first was a bit boringzzzzzz…….

The real revealtion was Alessi’s Ark. She was brilliant. Lightly shambolic and very fun, she really stole the show for my friend and I. Put it this way, I’m in the process of downloading some of her tunes now.

As for the drummer, he could take some lessons from these guys.

Now that’s how you drum! 😉

A musical extra-vaganza

Ok ‘migos, as promised, a few tunes for you to enjoy. I’ve done two playlists, one for the folky folk, and one for the unfolky folk.

As you might expect the unfolky playlist is the one with most of the antifolk tunes on it, but don’t let that put you off the other one (or vice versa). In truth they’re both a good mix of stuff, it’s just that the folky folk playlist is more lazy afternoon that the other one, that’s all. They’re both solid gold in my opinion (but then again I would say that wouldn’t I?) 🙂

Also, for those of you who enjoy the Ok Go video in my previous post, I got sent yesterday a TED talk by the guy who made it. Check it out it’s fascinating (as you would expect from TED.com).

Cheers Ears!

ps: Just bought tickets for Diane Cluck in September. Can’t wait! 🙂