Week 25: In which our hero lists some stuff, does some stuff, and wins something

Ok, so what have I been up to this week? Well, after my lack lustre performance last week I’ve had my nose to the grindstone… a bit. So here goes;

First, I made a big list of “Every Idea I’ve Ever Had”. This didn’t take long, I’m sorry to say. Actually it took longer than I expected. Put down on paper it seems I’ve done quite a bit of thinking over the years. Most of it was rubbish like, as is always the way, but the good stuff is pretty good.

It was fun to revisit some old ideas, but many of them had to be discarded as they’re just not interesting any more, or technology had left them behind. Like ‘End of the roll’ for example – a collection of photos that people have taken to finish off a roll of film just so they can get it processed. Everyone uses digital these days, so there are no end of the roll photos anymore! A loss, I think.

However, many of the ideas still have great potential, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t list them here. You will be apprised of any progress as and when it happens. For now let me summarise my lisitng efforts thus: 4 product design ideas, 3 business ideas, 2 video ideas, 6 book ideas (including 1 potential series) and feature length 7 movie ideas.

The purpose of making the list is so I can select the best ideas, the ones with legs, and really start to run with them. I realised last week that, if I really want a Brand New Life, I need to be doing something new every week, not just every now and then. I need to be creating something, or writing something, or coming up with a recipe; something tangible that advances me forward in my attempts to do something new! To that end…

satan soundtrack cover

I did a couple of things this week. First was the artwork for my as yet unwritten horror comedy Fuck You, Satan! Don’t worry, this isn’t my thing for the week, this I just did to amuse myself. Actually I think it came out kinda nice. I also did a disc design which makes me smile too. 🙂

If you’re interested, here’s a download of the playlist.

My thing this week was writing a step outline for Apogee/Perigee, a script idea I have about a boy who never talks. It opens with someone getting killed, and there’s a wolf in it, and that’s all I’m saying about it right now. This will be my art-house movie, my usual stuff being very commercial (and that’s how I like it). I won’t be coming up with a soundtrack for this one, as Fever Ray’s first album is all the soundtrack I need. If you want to see what I mean check out the video (incidentally, one of the most mesmerising videos I’ve ever seen!).

It will be a beautiful movie when it’s done. Hopefully I’ll get to direct it myself, once I’ve made a few quid selling scripts, and have a bit of a reputation. It’ll take me off in a new direction; the thoughtful, compassionate, critically acclaimed part of my career.

Remember all those competitions I was entering? Well, I finally won something! Just a tenner, but it’s the first time I’ve ever won anything on the National Lottery ever! Seriously. I once won £3 on some scratch-cards once, but that was when I bought 20 in a row thinking buying a batch would give me a better chance of winning. Technically it did I suppose, but the return on the investment wasn’t up to much, so I abandoned that strategy and never bought scratch-cards again.

But this time I won a tenner, after playing the same numbers both Wednesday and Saturday for 4 weeks. Collected the winnings today and immediately reinvested £8 in some more numbers for 4 weeks. If this keeps up I’ll be rich by the time I’m 40, hahaha.

And to finish this week, here’s a video that really made me laugh. Enjoy! 🙂

A musical extra-vaganza

Ok ‘migos, as promised, a few tunes for you to enjoy. I’ve done two playlists, one for the folky folk, and one for the unfolky folk.

As you might expect the unfolky playlist is the one with most of the antifolk tunes on it, but don’t let that put you off the other one (or vice versa). In truth they’re both a good mix of stuff, it’s just that the folky folk playlist is more lazy afternoon that the other one, that’s all. They’re both solid gold in my opinion (but then again I would say that wouldn’t I?) 🙂

Also, for those of you who enjoy the Ok Go video in my previous post, I got sent yesterday a TED talk by the guy who made it. Check it out it’s fascinating (as you would expect from TED.com).

Cheers Ears!

ps: Just bought tickets for Diane Cluck in September. Can’t wait! 🙂

Week 14: Trees, tunes and tiltshifting

Spent most of this week just monkeying about, doing ‘stuff’. So, in no particular order…

bonsai 11th april 10

Re-potted my bonsai this week with the help of my friend Vanessa, who knows mucho about this kind of thing. It was easy enough done, and Ness was an excellent teacher (she did the one on the right, I did the one on the left – note the variation in quality of craftsmanship, hahaha). I think, once I get myself a proper garden, I’m going to get more into the bonsai thing. It’s a lot more complicated than you think, and a real art form.

In lieu of any script work this week I instead spent my time making iTunes playlists of the soundtrack albums for the films I’m going to write. I know, serious work avoision in action, but I couldn’t help it. Once I got into it I was in the zone. You should hear the one for “Fuck You, Satan!”, my horror/comedy movie, it’s brilliant!
Seriously though, the idea is to have some inspiration music to help get me in the groove when I start writing. It can be hard to get going so a little something to put you in the right frame of mind works wonder. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, so nyah! 😛

low tide at mousehole-tiltshift

I have an new online toy! www.tiltshiftmaker.com. For those of you that don’t know a tilt shift lens is one where by you can move the front part of the lens to varying angles, giving you a very narrow point of focus within the picture you’re taking. Basically you can take a photo of something real and it comes out looking like a scale model (see above). It’s an astounding effect when you get it right, and great fun to do.
Thankfully, for those of us without masses of expensive camera equipment, you can go online and ‘cheat’ it with a picture you’ve already taken. I spent several hours the other day making tiltshift pictures and a few of them are online to check out (click on the pic above to see them). I’m really pleased with the results and this is going to be something I’m going to play around with for a while, see where it takes me.

No new recipe this week. Been on night shifts so haven’t had my head in gear for days. But plan on doing a few this week to try and catch up a bit. Got one planned, one nearly done, and I should be able to do another this weekend. Looking forward to that.