Week 32: In which our hero gets his sprout on, wins the Premium Bonds, and works on his moustache

A few wee new things this week. First of all I won the Premium Bonds. no, don’t get all excited, I ain’t rich. I’m up the princely sum of £25.

For those of you who don’t know the Premium Bonds is like a lottery, except your ticket once bought never expires. It just goes back in the draw. Consequently your chances of winning are astronomical. I’ve had mine since birth and this is my first ever win. Frankly, at £25 in 36 years, I’m a little disappointed.


Secondly this week, I’ve gotten into germinating my own seeds. I’m still trying to do the Thrive in 30 thing, only now I’m running out of money. Costs a fortune to keep buying salads and sprouts and stuff like that, especially when you don’t get round to eating them all and they go off, so I’m going to grow my own. Got this germinator and a pack of seeds, and I’ve had it on my window for a few days. That’s it really. A soak, a regular rinse, and you end up with a load of sprouts. I heartily recommend it to everyone. Much easier, and cheaper in the long run, than buying tubs of sprouts from the shops.

And lastly, I’ve finally got a decent moustache on the go! Unfortunately I can’t show you it as all the pics I took came out really bad (blurry, etc.), and now I need a shave again so it doesn’t look as good. But I will be posting some more pics in a couple of days so you can see how it’s coming along. For now just enjoy this clip that sums up the trials and tribulations of owning a moustache.

What it forgets to mention is how damn itchy it is! Come the end of the month I’ll be glad to see the back of this thing.