Report 8

Right, it’s a piss-poor report this week. Check out this list of non-events.

Script pages done: None. I’ll spare you the excuses. I cleared Thursday to do some work but then I got paid and went shopping instead. Didn’t buy much either, just a jacket and a t-shirt. Thoroughly disappointing all round really.

New thing done: Bought me some vegan shoes. Cowboy boots and trainers to be exact. Never bought vegan shoes before, not intentionally anyway, and not online either. The cowboy boot thing is a big departure for me. Got them from They have loads of great stuff worth checking out. And, if you enter the code VIVA at the checkout you get a whopping 20% off! I’ll be posting pictures when they arrive, so be sure to check back later in the week.

Recipes done: None… yet! I’m working on a recipe for Jerk Tofu, another staple from my college days, but it didn’t come out too well last night so I’m holding off publishing until I do a decent one. Gonna have another go on Tuesday, so it shouldn’t be too long. And I passed on doing a Carrot and Coriander soup tonight in favour of some dahl and subji, coz it’s been a long weekend at work and I was dead hungry. Hope to do that on Tuesday too.

Actually, there should be loads of new stuff next week. My ‘new thing’ is going to be going gluten free, so I’ll have to do loads of cooking just to get by. Maybe I’ll actually get ahead of myself for once, you never know (though I think we can make an educated guess eh, hahaha).


Report 7

New thing done: Went to the Dave Gorman gig on my own. A necessary experiment.

Recipes done: Flapjack & Maple pecan date cake

Writing done: Re-wrote pages from last week.

Been too busy with work this week to do anything fresh. That’s why I published what to me are ‘old’ recipes, and that’s why I haven’t written anything new on the script. But the re-writes do mean that I can crack straight on with new pages on Wednesday and Thursday, without having to go over what I’ve done before. It’s been a funny week this week, what with all the night shifts. Next week I hope to get back on track.

Report 6

Ok, a quick summation:

New Things Done: Had a go in a floatation tank. Went to see a musical.

Recipes Done: Spaghetti Bolognese and Hash Browns

Script Writing Done: 4 pages.

Yes, that’s right, I did it; I finally wrote some pages!!!!! In fact it’s even more impressive than that. I sketched out a map of the story (if I explained the story this would make sense to you), I re-wrote the first 16 pages, and I wrote a rough outline of the remaining script, all in about 5 hours. Seriously, that was one session, and in fact I’m a little embarrassed that it was so damn easy to do. Honestly, seat of the pants in the seat of the chair is what it’s all about. How much could I have got done in life if I just made myself do it! Well I’ve learnt my lesson. I’m going to do something every week now, even if it’s only a few pages or some re-writes. I’ve no reason not to.

Report 1 – 2010: A Space Oddity

Well, my illustrious start was cut short rather rapidly by a very nasty case of the flu (and proper flu, not man-flu, I looked it up). I have been laid up since Monday (the 4th) all sick and achey and feeling like crap, and haven’t done a thing except basic life maintenance, like dashing through the snow for fresh stocks of honey, lemon and ginger, all week. Thank God I got my bit of cooking out the way early!

But it means I haven’t been able to do anything else. No writing, no meditating, no nothing; just cough, sweat, and feel sorry for myself. And what really gets my goat is I was doing so well too! I was going to make this the year I meditated every day. Now I can’t sit for 2 minutes without coughing. But! it is an excellent opportunity to practice my non-attachment (non-attachment to the idea of meditating) so it’s not a complete loss. Never miss a chance to practice eh?

So, to sum up…

Recipes done: Pizza dough and Basic Tomato Sauce

New Thing done: Catch the flu and get sick as a dog

Pages done: None (I’ll have to try and rectify this a bit next week).

Not a complete bust, just not the start to the year I was looking for. Let’s see how next week goes. TTFN.

Structure, and something new

So I’ve been thinking…

This blog thing needs some kind of structure. I don’t want it to be just a load of ramblings. It needs a framework, or a timescale, something to keep it moving along and keep it interesting (if you know the whole Julie & Julia thing you’ll know what I mean). So for starters I’m going to stick with the weekly report. Maybe not in the format I did yesterday, but at least a summation of what I’ve accomplished that week, so I know where I’m at. And for the moment I’m going to set myself 2 tasks;

1. To do something new every week (of a reasonable standard, not just take 2 sugars in my tea instead of 1)

2. To create a new recipe every week (did I mention I’m quite into my cooking)

So there it is, my first two weekly tasks. I may add or subtract as I go along, I don’t know yet. Or I may abandon the idea in favour of a 1 year mission starting January 1st. You never know. Could even be a bit of both.

ps. Today I’ve emulated this garlic and cucumber dish I had in Hong Kong recently (did I mention I was in Hong Kong the other week learning some Tai Chi – not something I usually do, let me assure you, and probably part of the reason I want to do more with myself now), and I’ve decided this is going to be a week of Tai Chi (practicing what I learnt in Hong Kong). Let’s see how it goes.