Where To’s That Then?

(brace yourselves, this is a long ‘un – oo-err missus! :P)

Oh Spring, where have you been? Away for so long, I thought you’d never get here!

tree flower

But now finally the equinox has come and gone, the days are longer, the nights shorter, the sun is out, and we’re about to go into summer time for 2012. Oh yes, things are looking up! That’s up as far as the weather is concerned anyway. Elsewhere the forecast is not so bright.

Work are humming and harring a little about giving me a sabbatical. They’ve sent me a list of questions, the general gist of which is “How will this effect the company?” and “What’s in it for us?” Now of course I’ll answer their questions in detail, but I just get the feeling they’re gearing themselves up to say no.

If they do though I’m pretty sure I’m going to take some time off work anyway (ie: hand in my notice). I mean if it’s a choice between that and my gravestone reading:

Here’s Lies Keith Dickinson
He Kept His Job

I know which one I’d prefer!
it's boring waiting for the sun to come out
Ok, so never mind spring, where the hell have I been? 2 weeks it’s been since my last post. I feel bad for neglecting my blog like that (don’t take it personally, it’s taking me a week just to respond to personal e-mails at the moment). I’ve just been working constantly, trying to make a bit of money to help pay for future shenanigans.

I have been doing other stuff too though, things more in line with My Brand New Life!

For one thing I met up with a friend of many years, Rakka, who I’ve actually never met before in real life. She’s a Flickr Friend, someone I’ve followed for 44 months (literally the third person I started following on there), and a very creative artist and photographer. It was her ‘My Name Is…’ Diego Montoya that caught my attention, and I’ve been an avid fan ever since.

She comes over to the UK once a year or so to get her fix of Britishness (a wee bit of an anglophile she is) and so we reckoned it was high time we met up. Actually we tried to meet last year but she was so ill we had to call it off.

Anyway, we met up in Islington where she and the guy she came over with, Leff, were going to be meeting a famous cat (?). Hey, who am I to judge, lol.

I took my friend Amanda along coz she works in the area and she was highly amused by the idea of meeting up with someone you only know through the online world. Rakka also invited along another online friend of hers, Nathalie, to meet for the first time, as well as another guy they know from the States, Chris, who just happened to be over here, so all told it was a pretty mixed bunch!

I have to say I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. Who knows how you’ll get along when you know someone one way and then meet them in an entirely different context. But I needn’t have been worried. She’s lovely, her friends were lovely, my friend got on with her and her friends, and all in all we managed to prove that the world is indeed just a great big onion, lol.

We had a right laugh once we were comfortably ensconced in the pub (alcohol helps in these kinds of situations, though I’m glad to say the fact that I don’t drink anymore didn’t prove to be a hindrance). Topics of conversation included (but weren’t limited to):

* Which parts of the UK are like which parts of America? – The North of England is like the Deep South (apparently, though I contest this a little), London and Edinburgh are like New York and L.A., and Leicestershire is like Ohio (ie: boring, hehehe ;))

* Icelandic Emo Ponies (or Ice Po’s, as we called them) – check out this link if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

* Portlandia – “It’s true. It’s all true!! They think they’re making a joke but they’re not, that’s what it’s like!!!


* Sexy Neaderthals – Which is just so (unintentionally) hilarious! You’ve got to check it out. Just be sure to stick with it to the end.

As you can tell, we had fun. It was so great meeting up with everyone, I’m so glad we did it, and it just goes to prove the old adage –

‘There’s no such thing as strangers, just friends you’ve not yet met.’

So, apart from that, what else is going on? I’ve been writing a bit, which is nice. Actually coming up with some good stuff at the moment. The hard part is finding the time to write. For example I haven’t had time to do anything yet today, it’s nearly midnight, and I’ve got work tomorrow. Not conducive to good output. But that’s just an excuse. I need to make the time, and come Monday I will! It’s all good. 🙂

I’ve got a 10 day residential meditation course coming up which I’m really looking forward to. It should be amazing. Very intensive, quite hardcore (up at 4:30am!), but definitely worth it. Can’t wait to see what I learn from it.

Between now and then it’s just work work work. Might get some cooking done, in fact I better! I’ve bought the domain name http://www.myveganlife.co.uk (which you can type into your browser but it just leads you back here at the moment, lol) and I’m going to start an all vegan blog which I’ll be launching in a month or two (haven’t even started building it yet!). It’ll be the public face for all my cooking shenanigans.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep this little baby going. This is where I come to share silly things, make dick jokes, and talk about all the weird stuff I got going on. I just need somewhere I can build into a ‘proper’ foody site that people can really enjoy (and that might lead somewhere in the future). Coz that’s the one thing all this faffing about with work has taught me, that not only does no one get rich working for other people, and if you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve already got, but if you don’t do it now, then when?

So it’s time to crack on! Who’s with me??? 🙂

Apropos o’ nuthin’…

For some reason I’ve suddenly started getting an inordinate amount of dirt spam in my inbox. You know the kind of thing, e-mails from “frasco horner” entitled “kat pigtail toying inflatable drunk” (no kidding, that’s one of them word for word!).

It was really starting to get on my tits, ’til I decided to have some fun with it. So I took the first word of each e-mail (31 so far this week) and made a poem out of them. I was trying to make something beautiful out of the unsolicited filth, but inevitably it ended up a bit dirty too. Still, I like to think I injected a bit of romance in there along the way. See what you think.

Giant group, serious bedroom friends.
Have room. Knock obediently, until…

Cheyenne, petite Mexican, dance way beautiful.
Tiffany, leggy sweetie, good hands.

Haley, rubber cougar: Swallow,
while she pounds ball. Sexy cat!



Week 26: In which our hero sorts himself out (a bit)

Ok, I’m a bit late with my report this week. No excuse really. I’m just having a bit of trouble keeping track of time at the moment. Maybe it’s the summer days, maybe it’s the lack of markers (I’ve been spectacularly un-busy these past few weeks), but life had just been slipping me by. I’ll go to reply to an e-mail I just got, and realise I’d received it a week ago. Or I’ll be talking about next week, and realise I mean tomorrow. It’s both confusing and calming at the same time, for just as I’m “out of time” so I must conversely be “in the moment” and that’s not a bad place to be. 🙂

Truth be told I didn’t do much last week. More life maintenance – dentist, osteopath, barber – stuff like that. I did manage to do a recipe, the very fresh tasting Cabbage and Carrot Summer Salad, which is nice: And I managed to sort my recipes page out properly (link at top) so that you can actually find things instead of being confronted with a long list of recipes that even I couldn’t make head nor tail of. Now if you want to try something from a specific continent, or time of day, there it is, easy as pie. Mmm… Pie..!

I intend to do more stuff this week coming. I don’t think one recipe is quite enough for a week’s work, do you? I think a recipe a week plus something new is more the order of the day. And maybe something else too. I’m thinking about bringing film reviews into the picture. I’ve been doing the odd review on and off on my LoveFilm profile page and I think they’re ok, so I may incorporate more filmy stuff into the blog. I mean it’s what I’m into, what I know about, and you should always play to your strengths eh? Might also spur me on to do some more writing, you never know.

With that in mind I’ve been thinking about a list of Movie’s You Have To See! No point doing a top ten because you can’t put one above the other. For one thing I wouldn’t know what criteria to use. How do you compare genres? Budgets? Experimental against mainstream? It’s a fools errand. So I’m just going to make my recommendations and the rest is up to you.

With that in mind, if you haven’t seen Out Of Sight go get it right now! To me it’s the finest collaboration between Steven Soderberg and George Clooney. An amazingly stylish and ultra hip adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel, it deserved it’s oscar nominations just as Jennifer Lopez deserved the kudos she got for her superb performance.

There’s no way in which this movie doesn’t work. The writing, the editing, the colouring (Soderberg used different style for each city in the movie – bright colours for Miami, washed out blues for Detroit), every tune on the soundtrack is a gem, every character full and engaging, it has stood up to multiple watches and I expect to watch it many times more.

Also, it has in it one of the sexiest scenes ever committed to film. Clooney and Lopez are so cool, yet so vulnerable, and so into each other, it really gets to you. The writing is simple and direct, the lighting and camera work concise and unobtrusive, and it was for the editing of this scene that pretty much got the editor her Oscar nomination (I believe). But never mind all that, it’s just so damn sexy! If you need any more convincing to give Out Of Sight a go check out the scene below, but if you think you might give the movie a go try to hold off. Within the proper context, once you know the characters and know what they’re talking about, it works oh so much better!

Ok, so there you are. My first recommendation. Feel free to agree/disagree with the me as much as you like. And if you’ve anything you’d like to recommend yourself I’m all ears. 🙂

Cheers y’awl.