Kiki’s Birthday Battenberg

Been wanting to do one of these for ages. There’s not many cakes I miss, but the Battenberg is one of my favourites, and ripe for a bit of veganisation. And since it’s my birthday I thought why the hell not!

birthday battenberg

It was fairly easy to do in the end. I just made a batch of the vanilla cupcake mix from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, split it into two batches, mixed some pink food colouring in one of them, then put them in two lined cake tins and baked as directed.

battenberg, slice

Once they’re done all you’ve got to do is roll out some marzipan into a thin sheet, give it a light coating of apricot jam, slice the two sponges into square ended oblongs, and construct them in a checker-board pattern on the marzipan, using apricot jam between the layers to hold it together.


Finally wrap the marzipan around the sponge, slice off the excess, dust with icing sugar to combat the general stickiness, et voila! one battenberg. Then all you’ve got to do is make a wish and eat it quick. Tastes just like Mr Kipling used to make. 🙂

Got a pretty decent haul of pressies this year too.

birthday haul

From left to right: a t-shirt from my twin brother, a book, some mini silicon bun-cases from Sabera, a punky mug from Regine, some vegan fudge from Mrs Mu and Bean, and a meditation CD from Carolina. The book is my present to myself. It’s The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, the first Fighting Fantasy book I ever bought when I was a kid, and the only one I never managed to complete. But now, 20-odd years later, perhaps I’ve got the nounce to finally beat it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!